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Hakan Bulgurlu

Hakan Bulgurlu was born in 1972 in Oslo, to Turkish and Norwegian parents. He was first introduced to the greatness of mountains in Norway, and his love of the ocean took roots in the Princes’ Islands, Turkey.

At a young age, he learned the craft of trade at the historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Bulgurlu completed his BA in economics and mechanical engineering at Texas University, followed by an MBA at Northwestern University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Bulgurlu is a global business leader and a climate activist. As the CEO of Arçelik, a home appliances manufacturer that operates in 150 countries, Bulgurlu has become a thought leader on sustainable and purpose-driven business. In a bid to raise awareness for the climate crisis, Bulgurlu climbed Everest in 2019.

Bulgurlu is a member of the World Economic Forum’s CEO Climate Leaders Alliance and the Amstel Dialogues, an initiative that aims to foster innovation in Europe. With over 20 years leadership at the organization, Bulgurlu was recognised as a nominee of Young Presidents Organization’s 2021 Global Impact Award.

Bulgurlu is married and has three children.

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